Our 55 Flowery Flock

We are pleased to be able to offer 55 Flowery's from Elk Valley Farm. These amazing rare breed originally from Sweden are layers large white eggs  but also an auto sexing breed . With auto sexing breeds you can clearly distinguish the males from females by the color of down at hatch. Meaning no more raising up what you hope is pullets just to have them crow.

55 Flowery are decent layers, laying more in warmer months then taking a break for winter. 


55 Flowery

All information is off the Swedish Cultural Association web page and translated by Google. http://kulturhons.se/raser/ffg/

Breed History

The Småland pastor and chicken geneticist Martin Silverudd created his first race in 1955. That is the reason for the first part in the name Fiftyfive Flowery. The second part - Flowery - comes from the fact that the hens in both Fiftyfive Flowery Gold and Silver (FFG and FFS) are "floral". They carry the gene for white-spotted plumage. 

Martin Silverudd wanted to create a breed that could in some way compete with the heat bridges sold by the American monopoly and which smaller Swedish egg producers could see as an alternative. By easily being able to sort out cocks at hatches, the costs for producing laying hens would be less.


In the breed to create FF he used 70% Overlida and Hairbuck White Leghorn and 30% Brown leghorn. These were lines that have long been productive in Swedish breeding. In the random crossing, Martin S. received the colors that are under dominant white in White Leghorn. For three years, he selected and inbred to refine the gene set that since then characterizes FF.


Fiftyfive Flowery Silver is sexually displaying as a day-old. They also clearly show sex-day-old chicks at crossing where FFS chickens are used in crossing with gold-colored rooster of another breed. The genes that make the FFS look like are B (Barred - transverse), e + (wild-type), S (Silver) and mo (white-flowered). These genes in interaction give a legendary hen with white "flowers". The cocks are white with occasional gray splashes in the white. There are today mainly two origin lines of the FFS. One originates from Uppland and the other from Småland.

There are currently FFS with two main origins. One that is consistently brighter originating in Uppland and one that is generally darker tricolor originating in Bohuslän. Through the ages, man has used cross between productive breeds to get offspring that become high-productive breeding hens. The effect of such crossings is often that the first-generation crosses produce much better than their father and mother breeds.

For many decades, FFS has been used in commercial operations, among other things. FFS is an active and lively, productive cast. The breed is a Leghorn and one of the better breeding grounds we have in the country today, and is going to cast white eggs. There are signs that Martin Silverudd himself has experimented with the inclusion of other shell paints, but it can also be something that has been added for several decades without organized breeding. Therefore, in addition to chalk white, it is also lightly tinted to beige eggs today. We work in the breeding for FFS to raise as white eggs as possible.

Fiftyfive Flowery Silver lay about 250 eggs / year

Egg color white

The egg weight varies between 60-70 grams

Weight tip about 2 kg and hen about 1.2 kg



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