Our Ameraucana Flock

The Ameraucana's we have on our farm came from Paul Smith directly and are Paul Smith breeding lines. 

2019 breeding season we have introduced self-blue (lavender) Ameraucana roosters to our breeding program. What this means

for your chicks is that they will be lavender or black spit to lavender. They will carry one copy of the self-blue gene but look like black Ameraucana's. They are still a true Ameraucana not a Easter Egger mix and will still lay blue eggs. Our AM's lay a sky - baby blue color egg. This breed would be good for family's that want a calm chill friendly rooster and friendly hens. 



Breed History
It is very difficult to describe the history of the “AMERAUCANA” breed to everyone’s satisfaction. Some would say that it is “America’s NEWEST breed”, but in spite of its long history, in 1984 the “AMERAUCANA” was recognized by the APA/ABA as Standard Breed.” The Ameraucana should not be confused with "Americana" or "Easter Egger'' which are birds that have been mixed with other breeds and not a standard breed. A true “AMERAUCANA” comes in 9 approved color variety's including; black,blue, blue wheaten, brown red, buff, silver, wheaten, white and self blue. We have chosen to work with the black variety from Master breeder and exhibitor Paul Smith's lines of Ameraucanas that we bought directly from Paul himself in 2016. Ameraucanas lay a range of blue eggs, they are a calm breed that does well cooped or free ranged. 

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