Our Birchen Maran Flock

The Birchen Marans we have on our farm came from Harvey Mooré of HD Quality Marans in 2017.


Birchen Marans

Breed History

Marans (the name is always spelled with the ‘s’ whether talking about a single bird or many birds) are a dual-purpose chickens from Marans, a small port town in France. There are 11 approved color varieties of the Marans breed. We have chosen to work with the Birchen variety of Marans. The Birchen Marans can be described as conforming in every respect to the Brown-Red except that the copper/red plumage is replaced by silver-white that contrasts with the black plumage background. In 20?? Birchen Marans were accepted into the breed standard by the American Poultry Association. Although Marans are an excellent meat bird, their outstanding and unique attribute is the shell color of the plentiful eggs that they lay. Marans lay an egg that has a shell the color of milk to dark chocolate. Not all Marans variety are created equal as some will be more prone to lay darker eggs that other varieties. All Marans will lay a variety of shades of coloring ranging from 4-9 on the egg chart color scale with 9 being the ultimate goal. The typical color shade for Birchen can run 4-6 in darkness. We will only hatch or sell the darkest eggs in this color range, assuring good breeding going forward.

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