Our Celadon Coturnix Quail

in spring 2020 we decided to add quail to our farm, from Jason at Araucana Addiction. There are many types of quail and the ones we offer are called celadon Coturnix Quail. "Celadon" means they lay blue eggs. All quail have the possibility to lay blue eggs as the blue egg gene is a gene mutation in quail. Thew selective breeding and genetics Jason has gotten his quail to only lay blue eggs every time. He has also breed them to be a bigger coturnix quail. This means they will yield more meat then most coturnix giving  8 - 10 ounces  of meat. The down size to the breeding of this line is that they are not able to be sexed by feather color pattern like other coturnix quail. So you will have to wait until the are of maturity at about 9 weeks old to know who is who.


Celadon Coturnix Quail

Breed Information

Celadon quail are a variety of Coturnix quail that lay beautiful blue eggs instead of brown and white speckled eggs like our other Coturnix quail. This is due to them carrying a rare, recessive gene nicknamed “the Celadon gene”. Resulting in the beautiful anomaly that causes their eggs to be a gorgeous blue color (sometimes with brown spots).


Through years of selectively breeding for this anomaly we are proud to say that the quail we offer breed Celadon “true”. That means 100% of the female quail will lay blue eggs.

Great for Homesteaders


Coturnix quail are great for homesteaders or people wanting to raise their own meat. Unlike chickens that take months to lay, Quail are fully mature and laying typically by 8 weeks old. They also eat a lot less than chickens do. This means that you can have healthy fresh meat with less food cost and eggs in less time. Female quail lay about 300 eggs a year, that's 1 a day through out most of the year. If you add light in the winter you can have your girls laying year round. Another fun fact about quail is they are quiet. No crowing at 5:00am or all hours of the day and night. Most people find their neighbors don't even know they raise quail.

Caring for Quail

Quail are a lot less work than caring for your typical poultry with the right set up. Quail use a slightly different setup than chickens. They are a ground bird and don't roost. They do like a safe ground level place to sleep. No need to add a nesting box as they wont use it and will lay their eggs everywhere. Quail do very well in quail tractors or rabbit hutch style housing. They like to dust bath and enjoy having a sand box to bath in. They are cold hardy and do well in our area.

They will need a higher protein game bird feed and special waterer made for quail so they don't drown.




A photo of out Quail grow out pen. 1/2 is sand and 1//2 is wire floor.

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