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Frequently Asked Questions
Are your chick house with or around adult chickens?
Why do your chicks cost more than local feed store chicks?

The feed stores sell hatchery stock., our birds are not. All of our birds are Standard Bred, potential show quality stock. What that means, is that our birds came from quality breeder/show stock and that we continue to breed to the breed Standard.  The difference is hatchery stock are not bred to the breed Standard/SOP. Hatchery chickens often have other breeds like White Leghorn mixed in to boost egg production, and are usually smaller, can be more flightily and have unknown temperaments. That is also the reason why they typically don't look like the breed should look like. Big commercial hatcheries are all about production and quantity over quality . Temperament is another issue you may find with hatchery chicken. A small breeder like myself do not put up with a mean rooster. As a breeder we also for temperament, removing any aggressive birds. This is many times overlooked in a big hatchery operation. 

Can You Ship My Order To Me?

Yes. As of October 2020 we are now NPIP and able to ship nationwide. Please see our shipping terms & polices for more information.

Do you use medicated feed?
Can I cancel my order?

Yes, but all cancelled orders are subject to a $50.00 non-refundable cancellation fee.

Can I pay with PayPal

Yes, payments can be made via PayPal. You can use the link provided on this site or you can email us and we will send you an invoice via PayPal.

If get a rooster can you take it back?

Due NPIP guidelines and biosecurity, we are not able to take back any unwanted roosters. We can offer resources to help you rehome any unwanted birds.

Do you Vaccinate the chicks?

No, we do not  Vaccinate chicks.

Can I come pick up at your farm?

Sorry but we do not offer Farm Tours or order Pick Ups at the farm. We'd love to spend time with you on our farm, but we take biosecurity very seriously, and farm visits expose our flocks to the potential for inadvertent disease transmission. We simply can't take that risk, however we can schedule to meet locally off site to pick up orders.

Are you NPIP?

Yes. As of October 2020 we are now NPIP and able to ship nationwide. Please see our shipping terms & polices for more information.

No, our baby chicks are never housed with or around adult chickens. The health and safety of our chicks is of top priority to us and we do everything possible to keep the in good health. The only exception to this is if the chicks where hatched by a broody hen. In which case you would be told ahead of time.

Is there a minimum of chick I have to order?

When picking up locally there is No minimum, you are welcome to buy as little or as many chicks you want. If you request shipping there is a minimum of 6 or 12 chicks depending on the time of year. Please see shipping terms & polices for more information.

No, we prefer to take a organic approach to the health of our flocks by boosting their immunity natural and only feed organic non-GMO soy and corn free feed. Never medicating unless 100% necessary and under the advice of a vet.