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Terms of sale for all Goats

Goats are heard animals and for that reason we at Crowing Goat Farm only sell goats in pairs or to homes that already have goats.


We strive to breed quality Nigerian Dwarf goats and test our herd yearly for CL, CAE & Johne's Disease. Because of this we guarantee that all goats will leave our farm healthy. Once a goat leaves our property we do not make any guarantees or warranties. Further more there are no guarantees on how any kid will actually mature, their personality, how their mammary system will develop or how they will score in the show ring.


We sell all kids on a first come first serve bases by reservation wait list. We do not take reservation based on eye or coat color. Reservations for specific breeding are free prior to kidding, after kidding you will be able to make your selection of kid choice based on your reservation. After kidding we will reach out to you with photos of available kids. At that time you will be given 2 days/48hours to make your selection. Once your kid choice has been made a non-refundable down payment deposit of $100.00 is due to place the kid of choice on hold until ready for pick up, with the remaining balance due at pick up. If no response is received within the 2 day time frame, We will move on to the next person on the list. Crowing Goat Farm reserves the right to retain first choice on any breeding, to refuse a sale at any time we see fit, to hold a kid purchased until we feel the kid is ready to leave. No goat is considered sold until paid in full.


If the kid/kids reserved is not picked up on the arranged pick up date your deposit will be forfeited and the kid/kids will be made available for sale again.


Payments for kid deposits and all kid/goat sales can be made in cash or though PayPal.


We prefer hybrid feeding with our kids. This is done by splitting feeding between bottle feeding and dams nurse whenever possible, until weaned (doelings 10-12 weeks of age & bucklings/wethers 8-10 weeks of age). Doing this type of kid raising results in much friendlier kids. It also allows arrangement for kids to be picked up sooner so they can bond more with their new family.


All kids will leave for their new home having been fully weaned (unless a bottle feeding kid), disbudded or polled, current on CD/T vaccine and ADGA registered (wethers will not be registered). You will also receive a list of all vaccine/treatments given to take to your Vet.


Buyer is responsible for arranging any needed transportation as well as all associated costs and veterinary cost to transport out of the state of Washington (health certificate, TB test, ect.).


If you have any questions about our terms of sale please contact us first before placing a reservation or hold as all sales are final.

2023 Kids for Sale

Available doeling's

CGF is Sold Out

Available buckling's

CGF is Sold Out

Adult Goats For Sale

(Clink on the goats name to be taken to their personal page for more info on them.)

Luna 3.22.22

Monkey Hill FN Luna

ADGA # PD2166447 

Luna is a silver doeling from the FLAT ROCK line. She is sweet natured girl that get along well with other goats. She is a great mom and has kidded twice with no problems. Luna currently on milk test and is averaging about 3lbs per day or just over a quart a day. Would prefer she goes to a home where she can finish out her milk testing. You can also pay the deposit to hold her until December and pick her up after she finishes her milk testing. After Luna finishes milk test, she will have earned her * making Luna a 5*M. 

** $600 ** 

A deposit of $100.00 holds her until pick up

Stevie 9.04.2023

Narnia Farms Z Stevie Nicks

ADGA # PD2244948 

Stevie is a sweet natured girl that can be a bit timed out new environments. She is currently in milk and has been both hand and machine milked. Stevie gets along with order goats, but tends to be bullied by the bossy ones.

** Contact for Price ** 


Riddick 6.10 (1).jpg

Cougar Meadows Riddick

ADGA # PD2149342 

Riddick is a 2yr old buck, that has sired some very nice kids. He has the best temperament, friendly, well behaved, walks well on lead and get along great with other goats. Riddick main downfall is he is over height, measuring in at 24.5" tall. He could make a great buck if your breed standard size goats to to make them mini or need some height your Dwarfs. Riddick comes from good milking likes with lots of 2-5*M's and *+B's in his Pedigree. 

** $450 *

A deposit of $50.00 holds him until pick up


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