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Hatching Service

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Let us do your hatching for you!

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We are offering a new Hatching Service available to local customers. Those you that have eggs that you want to hatched but don't have an incubator can now have us hatch them. The way the hatching service will work is, you provide the hatching eggs with-in 10 days of them being laid. These can be your own eggs or ones that were shipped to you. Reserve your hatch day, then pay your service fee for the incubator space needed (prices listed below). The service fee is non-refundable. Once notified your chicks have hatched there will be a live chick fee due at pick up. Hatching typically occur over a 1-2 day period. If chicks are not picked up on the 3th day of the hatch a $30 boarding fee per week will be applied after the hatch (1 week max). If chicks are still not picked up after 1 week or If no contact has been reached your chicks will be forfeited, no refund will be given.


We can not guarantee hatch rates. We do monitor the hatching prosses (humidity, temp, ect) to ensure the best hatch possible. Eggs that have been collected and stored properly, that have not been shipped have a much higher hatch rate than shipped eggs. Eggs that have been shipped have way too many variables in play to even take a guess.


Hatching Service Fee – is non-refundable, it reserve space for your eggs in our incubator and covers the cost of power and time to incubate & hatch your eggs.  The hatching service fee is due at time of reservation.

1 standard tray = up to 30 - Chicken eggs - $15 (21 day incubation)

1 large tray = up to 20 Duck or Turkey eggs - $20 (28 day incubation)



Live Chick Fee – You only pay for chicks that hatch, due at pick up.

Live chick fee = $1.00 per chick hatched

Live chick fee = $2.00 per duck/turkey hatched



Only the eggs you supply will incubated on the egg tray you reserve. When it comes time to move your eggs in to lock down. All your eggs will have their own hatching tray so chicks can not be mixed up with other chicks. If you need to separate out your eggs by breed or breeding group additional hatching trays are available for $4.00 per added hatching tray. (Only one hatching tray is included with your service fee.)

To inquire on available upcoming hatch dates or request hatching service click the link below.

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