Our Olive Egger Flock

The Olive Egger's we have on our farm, came from our own breeding lines. They are a cross of black Ameraucana and black copper Marans. Chicks will be first generation (F1) olive egger chicks laying a range of green/olive colored eggs.


Olive Egger

Breed History

The Olive Egger or OE as it is sometimes called is a hybrid chicken. They are known for their olive colored eggs. The Olive Egger is created by crossing a dark brown egg laying breed like a Maran or Welsummer with a blue egg laying breed like the Ameraucana or Cream Legbar. We created our line of Olive Eggers by crossing a Birchen Maran Rooster with a blue wheaten Ameraucana/EE mix. This cross resulted in all the chicks being blue or black F1 chicks. We kept 2 of those blue F1 hens and then crossed them back to a different Birchen Maran rooster resulted in our F1BC chicks. Our next breeding plan is to cross a Birchen Maran rooster with black Ameraucana hens to get a new line of F1 chicks. The two lines will then be crossed to create a line of blue & black OE's that have a dark olive color egg, and are good layers of large/extra large size eggs, with a fuller body that would make a good duel purpose bird. Our OE's will often have peacombs, muffs and can also be clean or feathered legged which add to their inquisitive look. Because of the genetic diversity in Olive Eggers, they tend to be a lot of individualized personalities. But in general, Olive Eggers are friendly and mellow birds, getting along well with other breeds. They are savvy and intelligent and would be great additions to a small farm or homestead.

Please Note: Chicks from this cross are a hybrid, they may or may not have pea comb or feathered legs. Some will, and some won't. It will just depend on which parent they take after. Also, although the Olive Egger is bred to produce green eggs, occasionally a hen may produce brown eggs and we cannot guarantee all offspring will be green layers. Sorry, it's just the way genetics work!