Our Opal Legbar Flock

New for 2021!

Ever heard of an autosexing barred lavender crested blue egg layer? Now you have, Opal Legbars are new beautiful addition to the autosexing breeds we offer.  Opal Legbars are just like Cream Legbars, only with the addition of the lavender gene.  This breed has everything you love and want all in one package. They are barred lavender birds with cute crests, blue eggs, and best of all, they are autosexing! Opal Legbar's are a beautiful pearl lavender grey color.  The rooster hackle feathers are straw or silver, contrasting nicely against a darker body color. Both rooster and hen have the legbar crest on the top of the head.  We are so pleased to have these beautiful birds on our Farm and we know you will love then just as much as we do!


Opal Legbar

Breed History in the Making...

The Opal Legbar is a new color type of legbar was created by Candace Waldon. She loved the cream legar, that is was an auto sex breed that also laid blue eggs but also fell in love with the lavender color. It then hit her "why not make a Lavender auto sex breed". Using the Cream legbar and the Isabel Leghorn she started on her quest. In 2017 while on her 5th generation she released some chick for other breeder to continue with her work. Now with breeding close to 8 generations of Opal the breed has came far but is still in the project stages. Some of the kinks being worked out are strong auto sexing qualities, and consistently blue eggs. For this reason it is suggested that every 3 years/generations of breeding you breed back to a strong blue egg gene Cream Legbar to maintain blue egg color.

When breeding Cream Legbar and Opal Legbar together you will wan to follow this chart.

Cream Legbar x Cream Legbar = 100% Cream Legbar
Cream Legbar x Opal Legbar = 100% splits (one copy lavender gene and look like cream legbar)
Opal Legbar x Split = 50% Opal Legbar, 50% splits
Split x Split = 25% Cream Legbar (no lavender gene), 50% split (one lavender gene), 25% Opal Legbar
Opal Legbar x Opal Legbar = 100% Opal



Fore more information on Opal Legbars or Candace Waldon work creating them check out her website. 



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