All 2021 Silverudd's Blue chick orders will be delayed until Summer 2021.

This is due to DNA testing of adult breeders and growing out new breeders. All of this is to ensure all offspring ordered will lay the correct green egg color. You may place your order now, just know order are scheduled to start filling in Summer 2021 around July. When ordering other breeds with the Silverudd's Blue. You have the choice to have your order filled at the same time (in summer) or split your order with 2 pick up dates. If you have questions feel free to email us prior to placing your order.

Silverudd's Blue - strait run

  • Silverudd's Blue chicks  are sold strait run (not sexed) and come in 3 colors. This is due to the blue feather gene. Resulting in chicks that are blue, black or splash. For this reason there is no guarantee on chick color. Your order will be filled with what hatches no picking colors. 

    Females Silverudd's Blue will be green egg layers

  • Please be sure to read all of our shipping terms & conditions prior to placing your order.