Shipping Terms & Conditions

WE will not be shipping unless the order is paid in full. Full payments includes the cost of the chicks plus the cost to ship.

Minimum Orders:

When picking up locally there is no minimum number for chicks. There is a minimum number of chicks required for shipping chicks, depends on the time of year and the location. You must order a minimum of 12 chicks in order to ship February-April, a minimum 6 chicks in order to ship May-October and we do not ship chicks November-January. This ensures adequate body heat for the chicks during shipment, giving them the best chance of survival. Feel free to mix and match smaller quantities of the different breeds we offer! However, the total number of chicks ordered must equal the chick minimum for the time of year. 

Shipping Method:

Live chicks  are shipped by the USPS Priority Mail Express. This can take up to 3 day, however most orders do not always take this long and might arrive sooner.


The cost to ship chicks is a flat fee, for in state (WA) it's $35.00 and for nationwide it's $65.00. Shipping includes the approved chick box, bedding, grow gel and heat pack(s) when deemed necessary and USPS Priority Mail Express cost.


Upon shipment, we will email you the USPS tracking number and the expected arrival date of the birds (usually within 48 hours of when they were shipped). This way you can track your chicks and know when to expect them to arrive at your local Post Office. It is a great idea to notify your Post Office that you are expecting a shipment of chicks. The chicks will be held for pickup at your Post Office and they will call you when they arrive. So It is extremely important that you provide an accurate phone number. The Post Office WILL NOT deliver live chicks to your home. You must pick them up at the Post Office. For their health and well-being please pick up your chicks as soon as you receive the phone call!


Live birds shipped via USPS Priority Mail Express are guaranteed to arrive alive. Any deaths must be reported with photographic evidence (including dead/damaged birds and box with shipping label) within 12 hours of arrival to receive a refund. In order for you to receive any kind of refund your chicks must have been picked up from the post office no later than 2 hours after they are available for pick up. Inspection of all chicks must be checked before you leave the post office. We do not refund shipping costs. We do not ship replacement chicks because it is not healthy or safe for the chicks to ship any less than six. To receive a refund on deceased chicks, you must email us at the day you receive your chicks with a photo of all deceased chicks and you will be promptly refunded the cost of the lost chicks.


Only the cost of deceased chicks ordered will be refunded. No FREE or extra chicks that were included in your box will be replaced. Refunds do not include any living chicks or the shipping cost. Refunds for chicks that arrive dead will at no time exceed the original purchase price. If the chicks died due to shipment time that exceeded the USPS Priority Mail Express guarantee, a refund for the shipping cost can be collected from the Post Office.

We guarantee your chicks to arrive alive and for 48 hours beyond that. After inspection of all chicks at the Post Office, if you have any issues with weak chicks when you get home they must be reported at that time. That way we are updated on any potential problems with your chicks. No refunds will be issued after 48 hours.


Beyond the above listed guarantees, there are no guarantees or warranties on the chicks.


WE will not issue refunds in the following circumstances:

Chicks were not picked up from the Post Office within 2 hours of being available for pick up.

If we are notified of losses more than 12 hours after the birds are received.