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Our Story

Crowing Goat Farm is a small family farm located in the Pacific Northwest just out side of the Seattle area. Where we have been raising rare and unique chickens as well as turkeys, rabbits and Nigeran Dwarf goats since 2013. We started out like most, just wanting farm fresh food we could feed our family. That love for farming grow over time to a passion for rare breed chickens, with a goal to improve the quality of the birds we raise. Doing so with each generation, we strive to improve our flocks while adhering to breed standards. In doing this we are able to offer quality birds so that more can enjoy the beauty of these wonderful breeds. 

In 2020 We joined "ADGA" (American Dairy Goat Association) and made the choice to grow our farm and shifted focus from just having pet goats to quality dairy goats. We stayed with the Nigerian Dwarf for their size and personality. Our herd now consists of goats that are from proven milking line as well as ones that are good in the show ring. Our goal is to improve with each generation though both milk testing, Linear Appraisal and showing.

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