We are now NPIP and can ship nationwide!


We are very excited to announce that on October 8, 2020 we passed our NPIP inspection and all our birds tested negative for Pullorum Typhoid and Avian Influenza. What this means is that our farm is now NPIP certified PT clean and AI clean.


NPIP stands for National Poultry Improvement Plan, and it's a voluntary State–Federal testing and certification program that poultry breeders and hatcheries can participate in if they want to ship birds across state lines. 


With us now being in the NPIP we can now ship our chicks nationwide to you. If you are interested in getting chicks shipped to  see our shipping policies for more info on how to getting chicks shipped to you.


We will still offer local pick ups for those close enough to do so. 

 Preorder wait list for 2022 chicks opens November 1st. 


Hatching is planned to start in March once most the hens start to lay again after their winter break. We are now taking preorders for our 2022 hatching season. 

Orders placed before December 31, 2021 are eligible for the early bird discount. So don't wait get your order in today! Use coupon code "earlybird" to get 10% off most breeds.

If you  would like to place an order for 2022. Please go to ordering to find out how to place an order and get on the wait list.

Preorder are filled in the order received and have priority over other sales. Hatching season goes until October or until all preorder are filled. 

Spring Poultry & Homestead Swap

     Saturday, April TBA  10:00 am - 3:00 pm

It's almost Spring and that means it is time for the Spring Western Washington Poultry and Homestead Swap. Our Plan is to hold this event in April 2022 on a Saturday. Last years event was canceled COVID-19 restrictions at the time. As April gets near we will try to confirm that date and update the event info for you. Please be sure to check back for updated info or you can email us your questions. 


Like always the Swap will be held in the park & ride parking lot in front of  the Port Orchard Tractor Supply on 1415 Olney Ave SE.


This event is open to the public, rain or shine, family friendly with no entry, so stop by and see what your local farmers and breeders have waiting for you. This is a great way to meet other locals that share your passion for poultry, make some new friends and find some new animals. We will have a variety of show & pet quality poultry, laying hens, roosters, hatching eggs, chicks, turkeys, ducks, homestead related items as well as homemade and handmade items available. While your here don't forget to stop by our Presentation booth, we will have people giving talks on all things poultry. We look forward to seeing you there!


We will post any update to the event as they come. This could include date, time and Covid-19 restrictions/requirements. Please be patient with us as we move forward in this uncertain time.

How to join the Crowing Goat Feed Co-Op

Click the link 

Feed Co-Op or go to our Facebook group Crowing Goat Feed Co-Op to join.

If you are like many other farmers in the area you have a hard time finding quality feed for your livestock. This is why we have started a group buy feed co-op using Union Point Feed. The co-op give the community the opportunity to get quality Non-GMO feed and wholesale prices. All feed comes in 40 pound bags is both corn and soy free as well as GMO free. Right now we are offering a every other month pick up. To find out a full list of feeds offered, price and pick up dates join the co-op. There you will get all the  information and stay up to date on any changes. Click the link Feed Co-Op or go to our Facebook group Crowing Goat Feed Co-Op to join.

Thank you for checking our our events!


Be sure to check back often to see any newly added events.






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