Starlight Meadow MC Orion


Born: February 19, 2021
ADGA # D2161958
Orion is a Chamoisee with chocolate & silver moon spots. He came to us all the way from southern California. Orion is a well tempered buck from champion show lines with great confirmation. We are excited to see how he does in the show ring!

Orion's Dam
Gabhran Creek Sorel.jpg

Photo courtesy of  Elite Safehaven Hills


LA Score +VVA 81

19 1/2 inches tall

Chamoise with moonspot

Sorel was a FF, kidding Orion and his sister on February 19, 2021

Sorel's Dam GCH Gabhran Creek Stiletto 2*M for Reference

Sorel's Dam for Reference_edited.jpg
Sorel's Dam for Rear Udder Reference.jpg

Photo courtesy of  Elite Safehaven Hills & Gabhran Creek

Orion's Sire
The Rz Acres Midnight Cascade.jpg

Photo courtesy of  Elite Safehaven Hills


 DNA on File: Alpha S1 Casein B/B 

 Cou Clair with silver & chocolate moonspots with random white

Midnight Cascade's Dam CH Valley's-Edge MR Flora for Reference

2019 LA Score V+EE 88
In 2019 for a 305 lactation: 1263lbs Milk, 109lbs Fat, 70lbs Protein

Midnight Cascade's dam for reference.jpg
Midnight Cascade's dam udder for reference.jpg

Photo courtesy of  Elite Safehaven Hills & RZ Acres

Orion's Pedigree


The RZ Acres Midnight Cascade

The RZ Acres Homecmgking

CH Violet's Acre Valedictorian *B

Sisters Three WBU Ragnar

AGS Tiny Angels A Blu Bonnet

AGS Humble Acres A Atreus

CH AGS Weedy Tavern Farm Lilly

GCH Wood Bridge Farm Spelling Bee 2*M

CH Valley's-Edge MR Flora

Valley's-Edge Mabel's Riddle

SGCH Tiny Angels Maybeline

AGS Tiny Angels MLJ Onthewildside

AGS Tiny Angels M Muffin

AGS God's Love Farm Al's Monterey

Tiny Angels BTTB Painted Daisy


Gabhran Creek Sorel

Tyra's TNT Remarkable

GCH Gabhran Creek Stiletto


Dill's BJ Little Red Wagon

Wood Bridge Farm Unbelievable

GCH Phoenix Farm Icebird Legacy *B+B

Wood Bridge Farm Undermine

Dill's GA Vamp 3*M

CH Blythmoor BZ Chipotle *B

SG Dill's TS Banjo *B ++B

GCH Pecan Hollow ZC Bazinga +B

GCH Rockstar Ranch Lil Black Dress *M

SG Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos *B ++B

AGS Roundabout Chocolate Brulee'

SGCH Blythmoor HW Spice 2*M